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Industry Verticals
Our Core offerings
Innovative plays a key role in helping manufacturing companies get a better perspective of their processes, take informed decisions and grow business. Innovative offers solutions to reduce time-to-manufacture, contain costs, maintain quality, retain customers and provide seamless integration with partners across the globe.
Innovative Controls provides production automation, control and information systems solutions for End User Manufacturers of any type of product or material.
Innovative understands that different clients have different needs, hence Innovative offers its clients the flexibility to choose from multiple engagement models, depending on their unique requirements.
Mines & Metals Sector
    • Foundry Automation System

    • Sand Plant Control System

    • Mould Handling Control System

    • Shot Blast Control System

    • Core Shooter

    • Sponge Iron Plant Automation
Textile Sector
    • Textile Machinery Control System

    • Ring Frame Variable Speed Control system

    • Vario Clean/ Blow Room/carding

    • Knitting: Compacting Machine Automation

    • Mercerizing Machine Engineered Drive system

    • Soft water level Control and Automatic Pumping system

Food & Breweries
    • Bottle Washing Machine Automaton

    • Bottling Plant Drive System

    • Demineralization Plant Control System

    • Labeling Machine Control system

    • Charger level automation

    • Reverse Osmosis plant automation

Automotive Sectors
    • Heat Sealing Machine control system

    • Automatic Tube Feed system

    • Radiator cap Press system

    • Leak test system

    • Bush insert system for Ford

    • Press Automation

Pulp & Paper
    • Ash handling system

    • Lignite handling drive systems

    • Sheet cutter automation

    • Chemical dosing plant automation

    • Sheet Cutter Automation

    • 500 KW Pulper VFD Panel

Special Purpose Machines
    • Three way drilling Machine

    • Achromatizing Plant

    • Phosphating plant

    • Reliability tester

    • Deep Hole drilling

    • Printing Machine Automation

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